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Does your website look tired and outdated? Then you are in the right place!

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Website Rebrand Services

Beyond SEO Solutions is a Website Design, SEO & Digital Marketing Agency


Business Branding

Our goal is to help you attract your potential buyers and turn them into your customers using your re-designed website that includes SEO for instant search engine rankings.

We aim for you to start seeing an increase in Google Page positions and an increase in site traffic after 2 weeks after re-launching and using our SEO Strategies!

Responsive Website Design

Why Choose Us?

We are a Digital Marketing Company offering Website Rebrand Services with Synergistic Online Digital Marketing strategies, Social Media Marketing, PPC, CRO, and dynamic Search Engine Optimisation designed to improve your Brand Exposure

Friendly Websites

We build visually friendly websites for your customers. Full customisation of your website and amazing support from our Experienced and Exclusive Web Development & SEO Team.

Built For Customers

We don’t just build nice websites. Our sites are built with Customer Journey Awareness and User Experiences (UX) in mind, to deliver a fully adaptable business website that will keep your visitors returning.

Custom Branded

We are not just a Digital Marketing Agency. Our websites are specially designed and built with your brand awareness in mind. This is of utmost importance to us!

Full SEO Site Development

Our websites are designed and built with full Competitor Marketing Analysis & SEO services, all-inclusive in the development stages. This helps your website rank faster from day 1 of launch.

Modernise Your Website

  • Website looking outdated? 
  • Need a revamp? 
  • We can modernise the design of your website.
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Brand & Marketing

Market Your Business

Create the best opportunity you can to market your online brand and send out the right marketing messages to your potential customers.

We can help you redevelop your websites look and feel, so that the right marketing message projects across to your audience.

We Produce Emotion

We build websites that project emotion to the user.

Your website should capture your audience and engage them.

Great Visuals

Project your brand’s message with great images and video visuals, and use interactive Calls To Action to improve your Conversion Rates!

Proactive Visibility

We will revamp your website’s content and show you how to be proactive at it to improve your SEO and Search Engine visibility. 

Easy Shopping

We can revamp your old eCommerce store with a fresh and exciting new look for your online shopping brand.

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Fully Responsive

Awesome Website Features

Provide your website and mobile website users with a fully responsive website, offering them the best user experience (UX).

Your website should be modern and responsive to all of your business needs.

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Your Content. Your Way

Your content is important, so we will make sure to transfer as much of your original content across to your revamped website. 

All we will do is create a new visual outlook for your content and improve it’s SEO.

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website rebrand 12
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Need to Improve your websites SEO and Rankings?

With our 48 Hour revamp unlimited plan, not only will you get a shiny rebranded website, but you will also get your content and page SEO revamped; giving you every chance of flying to the top of the Search Engines.

What we can do for you


We rebrand your website to allow for the modern changes on the internet and to allow Google to position your company as a Trusted Brand. 


We use modern icons, illustrations, and graphics design tools to bring your personal brand to life on your website.


Our websites revamp unlimited plans include full  SEO and a full Marketing Strategy for your online business in any sector. 

What people say

"Beyond SEO Solutions rebuilt an amazing website for my catering business. They maintained professional throughout the project and were very understanding to my website requirements, they were also patient when changes needed to be made."
John Millard - CEO Scratch Cooking Caterers
John Millard
Head chef
I am absolutely delighted with my website from Beyond SEO Solutions. They worked with me to develop the website on time and budget. For me, it was knowing that website issues such as SEO would be dealt with when building the site and ongoing support to build my online business.
Marcia Melbourne - Melbourne Accessories
Marcia Melbourne

Our Results for our Clients


Get complete input over the design of your Business Website.
Go from draft idea to online in no time at all.
We will help you achieve your vision!

You will fall in love with our features

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SEO Websites

All of our websites come with Full SEO. Each of your pages and products will contain strategic SEO content to help your pages rank from the start of indexing.

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Global Business Exposure

We build your website with deep SEO which helps position your website in a strong position from the start. We also build your brand exposure using various marketing methods.

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Powerful marketing Tools

We use a combination of power marketing tools specifically designed for your business requirements. *Please note that you may require to purchase extra licenses for these plugins to use specifics pro features.

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Mobile Responsive

Your website will be fully responsive on mobile and tablet. So you have peace of mind that you can showcase your business to a global audience.

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Double Opt-In Marketing

We design your website so that modern Double Opt-in Calls To Action are prominent across your website pages. This helps your customers to commit to signing up to your offers.

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Content Management System

We use WordPress and other power page building tools to build your website. You will have full control over your content using the WordPress CMS. This is easy to use and gives full control over your website.


Follow the steps below to get started with having your website re-designed!


Start by viewing our website revamp plans and choose a plan that suits your business goals. 

Make sure you budget accordingly for your project.


We’ll just show you what we can do for your website design and branding.

We will then send you a video of how we can improve your online presence


We’ll send you a full proposal suitable for your business, listing all things we’ll carry out to build your website.

We will then send you a video of how we can improve your website and online presence


Once your website has been re-designed and approved, we’ll submit it to the search engines for indexing.

We will then send you a video and reports and let you know how it’s performing.


Does your website need a revamp? Need to increase your web presence? Then stop thinking and start impacting!

All of our websites revamps come with Website Hosting Options should you need a new plan.
If you would like a Hosting Package, please discuss this with us before purchasing your website.

Website Revamp Pricing

Starter Plan

£ 750


Up to 5 Pages redesigned
Includes SEO

Business Plan

£ 1500


Up to 10 Pages redesigned
Includes SEO

Unlimited Plan

£ 2500


Up to 20 Pages redesigned
Includes SEO

Got Questions?


Here are some of the most common questions, along with the complete answers from our web design support team.

We are here to help you 5 days a week and respond within 24 to 48 hours. Plus, you can find most answers to your questions right on this page.

That all depends on the size of your website. We aim to have a revamped design idea for your website within 48 hours.
Then the real work must begin to change your website. This process will take a little longer depending on the number of pages you require. However, we aim to have everything done within 3 to 4-week maximum. For full-time scales, please see the proposal document for details of a projects time scale.

In our industry, time is money, and we get a lot of time wasters asking us for Website audits which can take us a long time to fully audit your site, anything from 1 hour to 8 hours.

For example: A Website audit can take up to 3 hours. At £50 per hour, that would be £150 audit fee. However, we charge a one-off consultation fee of £50.

We think this is fair, and should you decide to take out services with us, we will deduct that £50 from your final invoice.

No problem, we can still develop a new website concept within 48 hours. Then we can suggest a hosting plan for your website that will not cost the earth! For more details, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Landing pages are specifically designed website pages used in your marketing campaigns to drive targeted traffic to a specific product or service that you might offer. Landing page designs are only included in our ‘unlimited plan’. However, we can offer you landing page designs at a small extra cost to your existing package that you choose. Please discuss this with us and we will arrange for an extra plan to be set up in your proposal.

Once you send an email to us requesting a proposal document, you will be contacted within 48 hours with a proposal document for your website revamp. We will discuss your requirements before we can start work. Once you agree upon and sign our proposal, we will begin the first re-design stages. This will take 48 hours for a new design concept to be developed and sent to you for your approval. Then we will begin the full transformation.

Your proposal will contain a full detailed breakdown of your investment into your website project and the course of action we will take to redevelop your website brand. Any aftercare and marketing packages will be discussed before the full proposal is agreed upon.

Your website will have a full SEO overhaul in the design and development stages. We work with you to make sure your focused long-tail semantic keywords and content is fully optimised. 

What is SEO and what will it do for my website?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, it is the backbone of getting your website to the top of the search engines and making sure that Google and Co always index your website correctly to keep your brand performing well. We will give you a transparent view of your current SEO and tell you how you can go about improving it with your website revamp.

Depending on which plan you go with, you will get between 1 month and 3 months aftercare. This includes monitoring your site for SEO, Analytics, Conversion Rate tweaks, and includes full site maintenance and backups at no extra cost.

Yes, your website will be backed up weekly and all updates can be done automatically or by our staff on a weekly basis.

Your website will have the latest security from your web hosting provider and also within the backend of your website using Jetpack and ManageWP by GoDaddy.

The only extra or additional costs you may encounter are from Pro Feature versions of plugins that sometimes might be required to pay a one-off or an Annual fee for a license. These Pro-Features of a plugin can help to make your website function more powerfully. We will always advise about any extra plugins and costs to your website project.

If you require website hosting we will discuss a suitable plan for you.

As much as we like building websites and working on SEO projects, we have to make sure each client are passionate, and prepared to work hard and alongside our team to achieve their required results.

We also like our clients have a realistic budget in mind and are prepared to commit and investment in to our project costs.

Time is money, and with Beyond SEO Solutions, you’ll know exactly when you’re going to receive your report. We keep you constantly updated on changed and other opportunities we think you should be taking advantage of. Plus, there is no back-and-forth wondering when work is going to be done. We Guarantee It.

Our Bulletproof, 100% Money Back Guarantee gives you the peace of mind that you’ll get your link building report on time, every time and see the results you have been searching for.

Learn more about our guarantee »

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We Help You Expand
Brand Influence


Our web design rebrand services will give your brand an ever-expanding solution to your business needs.

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