The HR Consultancy - Website Development & SEO

We updated their website brand, optimsed web pages, and tested conversion rates after SEO’ing their entire website.

The HR Consultancy is a Human Resources agency based in Kenilworth, Warwickshire. Their aims were to further develop their strong relationships with their existing social media audience and future clients by developing their website SEO and forming a new Social Media Optimisation (SMO) plan and strategy.

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  • Develop site brand for HR Consultancy services
  • Increase of keyword relevance of search queries in the Google SERP’s & Image Search
  • An increase in site traffic from search engines via organic SEO and social media channel nurturing
  • Increase services output and client base
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The HR Consultancy - Google Analytics Report - March 2017 to May 2017
The HR Consultancy - Google Search Console Report - March 2017 to June 2017

The first milestone was the reconstruction of the site and internal links structure, following a full SEO audit and also taking into account the semantic core and analysis of other competitors’ sites. These were the terms of preference for The HR Consultancy, taking into account all the necessary parameters required for increasing site activity and usability.

  • An increase of daily visitors for cleints looking for specific HR Services.
  • Attendance growth is ???? find this out%
  • Number of brochure downs and opt-in requests increased in first month
  • Increase in the number of job and HR Services requests ????%
  • Search phrases in the top-10 to 30 has a 91% increase, compared to when the site was first analysed at the beginning of the SEO Audit.


The HR Consultancy website has now been developed for a convenient logical structure that will encourage a positive live interaction with potential customers via their website and social media channels, allowing them to cover the greatest number of search phrases for their specific industry.


To achieve this, a full deep SEO Audit was conducted. Also, Google Analytics and Search Traffic & Social Media presence tracking was performed, to find out the full scale of the SERP status. We also used A/B testing on specific pages and Double Opt-in options, and introduced Heat Maps & Content Analytic to The HR Consultancy to allow them to better understand their audience engagement.


Although the amount of traffic is not significantly high due to the type of specific niche market service; the positive increase in search traffic since the project began back in March 2017, has helped The HR Consultancy landed a large contract. It was then decided they wanted to launch a jobs board advertising system to further develop their search engine exposure.