Scratch Cooking Caterers Case Study: Website Re-brand & Build + SEO & PPC Services

A complete website re-build and branding for Scratch Cooking Caterers, following an SEO Audit that previously showed very poor site results.

Scratch Cooking Caterers are a Catering Company based in Dudley, West Midlands. Their aims were to redevelop their existing websites and blend them into one easy to use platform.

What we did?

Website Audit

The existing websites were not performing and directing traffic via the search engines. This was down to the website internal design and coding. No SEO techniques had been performed to trigger the correct keywords.

We sat with the client and audited their current two websites and found that no traffic was going to their sites. There was no submission to Google Analytics and Search Console Webmaster Tools.  The setting up of SEO on the website had been properly performed.

Website Build & Full Onpage SEO

We completely rebuilt this company brand from scratch.  The client was involved every step of the way, and was updated on a daily basis to keep the project flowing throughout the design process, to build exactly what they wanted, on-time and on budget.

  • Each page was optimised for search engine indexing using Semantic Core Content.
  • All new graphics and images were re-designed to suit specific slider arrangements and keyword tagging.
  • Internal deep link building to build better user experience and allow users to contact for event quotes from each page.

SEO & Content Analytics

The entire site was optimised for specific Semantic Core Keyword. Each page was then analysed following launch to see how the SEO scores could be improved further.

The site is still an ongoing project at the moment, whilst we continue to optimise the website pages, SEO and review traffic flow following recent submission to search engines.

We are also tracking traffic using Heat Maps & Content Analysis tools to allow us to better understand the early stages of this brand new website.


First Page Google Results

The website project was pre-launched just before the end of May 2017 so that we could begin to SEO each of the site pages and the backend Data Structure of the website. However, the website sitemap was not submitted to the search engines for indexing at the time; we did this at the end of May when the site was officially launched.

By Tuesday 1st August 2017, the site has already positioned on the 1st and 2nd pages of Google for specific keywords and phrases that were researched and selected for each page accordingly, and site images are also indexing in the top results.

We are still tweaking and optimising these pages to improve the site’s overall Google positioning. More features and improvements to the site will come over time after we conduct a full Conversion Rate Optimisation analysation and report.

More features and improvements to the site will come over time after we conduct a full Conversion Rate Optimisation A/B and Multivariate page testing and analysation report.

The month of October 2017, Pay-Per-Click Campaigns have now been set up for this clients and specific pages have been optimised for Adwords Landing Page linking.

We also found out from our latest Rank Tracker Keyword positioning reports, that we have a Page 1, Position 1 & 2 Google placement.




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