Web Design and Social Media Marketing for Volunteering Charity

We created a website and engaged with Social Media Marketing ready for the Evah’s Spirit Launch Event on 8th June 2018. We had 2 weeks to complete the project.

We created a simple website for Evah’s Spirit.

Evah's Spirit 1

We were given a 2-week window to develop the site which had to be ready for a launch event in June 2018.

The site was set up to allow crowdfunding options and to showcase the Evah’s Spirit Launch event. and tested design for conversion rate. We made sure the correct info was hitting the homepage and ‘Call-To-Action’ (CTA) buttons were set up to direct people wanting to make donations to the project.

The website is still under development as the team is constantly back and forth to South Africa running student training and mentoring programs.

Find out more at Evah’s Spirit website

What we did?

Website Development

Onpage SEO Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization