Get Traffic Without Paying for Spammy Ad Clicks

Whenever someone is struggling with traffic online, the first thing I usually tell them is to quit chasing those pie in the sky ad buys that promise the world and deliver next to nothing.

What most savvy marketers understand is that social traffic carries far more weight with consumers than basic ads, and now there’s a tool call Traffic Ivy that helps fledgling marketers take advantage of social traffic, but gives them the opportunity to purchase spots on other people’s thriving social networks instead of waiting for their own web presence to grow into something formidable.

How does it work?

You have the ability to purchase traffic points to start with. Once inside the membership, you can spend those points by uploading forms of content – articles with your own links embedded in them, graphics like banners or even video – and put a price on how much you’re willing to pay for that piece of content to get posted.

When someone chooses your ad piece, they get paid from your account points whenever they post it to their blog, Pinterest account, Facebook profile, and so on. Likewise, you yourself can earn traffic points by posting other peoples’ content to your accounts on the web!

The best thing about it is that the owners of Traffic Ivy have set up a strategy to allow the cream to rise to the top. Ratings are in place, so members can see who has been rated the best. This encourages people to upload good content and place content on sites with good exposure to the public.

There are also some incredible safeguards in place to protect your ad spend. You can block specific members if you don’t want them interacting with you. You can also exclude certain members based on geographics.

You can log in, upload content and allow other members to share your content and earn traffic points. Or, you can connect your social sites – YouTube, Pinterest, Reddit, LinkedIn, Facebook, your blog, and Twitter – and choose content that you want to share that others uploaded.

Once inside the membership, you have the option to earn or buy more traffic points. Another great opportunity is that Traffic Ivy has advanced membership options in their upsell offers that allow you to launch your own traffic business using this tool or sell Traffic Ivy to others!

With an Agency license, which I feel is the best option, you can create subaccounts for other small businesses or entrepreneurs and handle traffic for them. Have them pay you, and you run traffic campaigns for them. In fact, if you want to really build a booming business, have plans and levels that include ghostwritten content (or graphics or video creation) and site building, like a blog you create for them to earn more traffic points.

There’s no end to the amazing leverage Traffic Ivy has – both for beginner and advanced marketers who want to focus on social traffic options to increase exposure to their business.

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