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In addition to text, we pack the articles and properties we create for you with relevant images & videos. We pack them with quality and relevance.

What Our Content is Not
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We take content very seriously. That’s why we even created HOTH Plus+, the first 1-stop link building solution powered by college educated copywriters. With that said, the content we create is strictly for SEO link building purposes. It won’t win any Pulitzers or Nobel Prizes.

This is not your PR or social media content. It’s just semantically relevant content that we create and link to your website from a relevant source. This way, our content remains natural and informational, not spammy or advertorial.

Keep in mind that our team of writers are not subject matter experts. Fortunately, they don’t need to be. When our writers are unfamiliar with a subject, they quickly find existing content about it and synthesize that into new, unique articles. They have no background or ability to evaluate the statements found during this basic research.

Again, none of this matters, because our content doesn’t go on your site or in any way represent your brand. You’re just being cited as a great source!

And most importantly, it works.


HOTH Content Samples


  • HOTH Plus+ Sample

    College Educated Team

    Is Online College Right For You?
    By Christen






    In today’s competitive job market, having a college degree is undoubtedly an advantage. Countless studies show that those with degrees on average make more money and face lower unemployment than those with only high school diplomas. However, in the current economy, competition, cost, and convenience are major concerns for anyone interested in getting an education. Online universities are gaining momentum and recognition, as they are often much cheaper and more accommodating to students with busy schedules. With these programs becoming increasingly popular, many online universities are offering a wide range of classes and degrees, from associates to doctoral. Even acclaimed schools, like Boston University, are now offering programs online. BU has over 11 online masters and doctoral degree programs that are offered throughout the year for adults seeking post-graduate education.There are many advantages to distance learning that accommodate a wide variety of students. Students that do not learn well in lecture settings are taught in written form, with complete course notes available to them online. Shy students can put their anxieties to rest, never having to worry about making mistakes in front of large classrooms again. More so, students attending traditional offline colleges that don’t offer particular courses can take those courses online at other universities, and in most cases, transfer those credits toward their degree at a fraction of the offline price. Likewise, there is not as much competition for online universities, as classes are able to accommodate many more students.Distance learning, despite its great advantages, has its downsides too. A student taking an online class must be somewhat technologically savvy. Since online education caters to students with different schedules, some online classes lack the structure used in many traditional college degree programs. To succeed in these classes, students must have good time management and organizational skills, keeping track of when assignments and tests are due. Online, students often do not have access to resources like campus libraries and labs that those attending campus classes do. Some students feel isolated while taking online classes, and do not get the benefit of learning from their peers. Good candidates for online colleges include those who are willing to take charge of their learning, are motivated to stay on task, and are not overwhelmed or daunted by the lack of structure and study groups.For the universities, online classes are becoming increasingly attractive as well. Offering courses off-campus eliminates capacity and space issues, as physical classrooms are no longer necessary. As a result, universities are able to educate many more students without overextending themselves. Some professors are able to take on extra online classes, as curriculum can be written and scheduled before the semester begins. As competition between universities gets tougher, many more will certainly jump on the online education trend. Some experts believe that in the future, higher education institutions will have to offer online courses to stay competitive.Is online college for you? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Standard Content Sample

    Filipino Based Team

    Flowers in Christmas Season
    By Maria






    Beautiful flowers that add a festive look and feel to any occasion is a better way to adorn a special day. Flower arrangements are customize to suit all occasion by the florist. There are a variety of flowers that are associated with Christmas. Among many, the Mexican Poinsettia popularly used for Christmas decorations add charm to the festive occasion. ‘Flower of the Holy Night’, ‘Flame Leaf’, ‘Christmas flower’, ‘Lobster flower’ are its other name of this Mexican native flower. The discovered colors like white and pink is also not a rare sight, makes these flowers look exquisite in their bright red hue. These star-shaped bracts are believed to symbolize the Star of Bethlehem.The former US ambassador to Mexico, Dr. Joel R. Poinsett of South Carolina who introduced the flower to the United States when he returned home in 1835 from his ambassadorship has been named honoring him. Making the “poinsettia”, a universal symbol for Christmas is the life that Dr. Poinsett dedicated for in his last years through his strong fondness for the flower base on history.Other common Christmas flowers include Christmas cactus with its green leaves and pink or red flowers , holly with green leaves and red berries, Christmas Rose,Christmas tree, Christmas garland, a tradition brought into America from Europe by the early settlers and of course the Mistletoe, symbolic of peace, goodwill and love. With its origin as the Christmas flower, some of these flowers have long legends associated in it. The Pointsettia’s legend came from the Mexico country. A faith was given that long before to express love and gratitude towards Baby Jesus, that two poverty stricken kids, Maria and Pablo who loved Christmas and looked forward to it would be miserable as they couldn’t afford to offer anything in the church. As these two kids set forth for the church service, they decided to pick some roadside weeds to gift it to Baby Jesus, during the dramatization of the manger scene in one Christmas Eve. As they placed their offering around the manger, the green leaves miraculously turned into bright red petals and in no time the manger was surrounded by star-shaped flowers, now commonly known as the Poinsettia.The traditionally regarded as the true Christmas flower is the Christmas rose which is also hailed as the Snow or Winter Rose. This flower is linked with the story of the birth of the savior and how a little shepherdess named Madelon, desirous of offering a gift to welcome the new born King, was blessed by an angel with a beautiful white flower tipped with pink, later named as the Christmas Rose. Where there was a tradition of decorating an evergreen with apples to symbolize the “Paradise tree”, the conceptualization of the Christmas tree as an essential part of Christmas has its root in medieval Germany.The Germans used evergreens to decorate their homes many years before the celebration of Christmas began. During the coming year, people believed that these trees represented life and immortality and would protect their homes from evil.With its legend and beauty blossoms to glorify in “the name of the father, of the son, in the holy spirit Amen” and thereby redeem this pious occasion from being further commercialized make this true in this Christmas flowers.

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