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Client Checklist Questionnaire

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Please note that we don’t just work with anyone. We have to make sure our clients are the right match for our company.

Therefore, please complete the questionnaire below if you would like to work with us.

Should you wish to process after the client questionnaire, please note there is a £50 consultation charge.

This fee will be taken off your final pricing, should you take out a website design package with us. 


    Booking Fee Questions

    No, we don’t charge hourly rates for our work. We think that there is more value in a package. Therefore, We mainly charge one-off fees for our services, apart from ongoing SEO Packages, which are a monthly fee for a minimum of 2 months.

    Our only hourly fee is our Website, SEO & Digital Marketing Demo Consultation, which we charge a £50 fee for a 1 hour consultation or website demo example.

    This cost will be deducted from your final bill, should you decide to use our chosen services. 

    Payment needs to be made before we can carry out any type of website demo or SEO audit. You will be invoiced via your email.

    We send you an example of your websites SEO or a new Website example via a screen capture video. 

    There is a money back guarantee if we do not complete your audit within 7 days. 

    In our industry, time is money, and we get a lot of time wasters asking us for SEO audits or Website Audits. This takes anything from 1 to 3 hours of our time.

    For example: A consultation can take up to 3 hours. At £50 per hour, that would be £150 consultation fee. However, we charge a one-off consultation fee of £50.

    We think this is fair, and should you decide to take out services with us, we will deduct that £50 from your final invoice.

    We understand time is money.  There is a money back guarantee if we do not complete your audit within 7 days. 

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