Scratch Cooking Caterers Website Rebrand Case Study

Website Rebrand For A Graphic Design Company Website.

We improved the look and feel of their existing website on WordPress and improved their ‘Calls To Action’.

Scratch Cooking Caterers

Website Rebrand Case Study

In this Website Rebrand case study, here’s how we improved the look and feel of their existing website, increased speeds and improved the Page 1 SEO rankings for broad term keywords out of millions of search results within a couple of days.

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This was our 1st Website Rebrand Case Study for Scratch Cooking Caterers who asked us to update their existing website because they were downsizing their existing services and wanted a simpler website for their existing and future clients. 

The task was to remove their food menus and simplify the website for booking events and make the site more user-friendly. 

As we previously built their new website back in 2017, we already knew the setup of the way the links were in the sitemap.

How we rebuilt their website

So the first task was to make sure we had a copy of this sitemap for future reference so that we could add 301 redirects to specific pages that needed them, but also add in 410 redirects to tell Google that the page has been deleted forever.

They then remove this from their search engine index. It’s the cleaner and professional way to do this task. 

Next, we changed the theme of the website for a much smoother and faster, SEO friendly theme within WordPress. We began to import the pages that we had already previously built in a demo builder using Flywheel. The main focus was on making the Home page a one-page setup. We did this by using Menu Anchors and ‘Call To Action’ Buttons that triggered specific actions on the page. 

Then, we made sure we had all of the correct existing service pages set up on the correct URL links that the company wanted us to keep, and more importantlymaking sure we didn’t lose their existing Page 1 Google positions! 

The images below show their old website layout and some of the Page 1 Google positions. 

How we improved their SEO results.

Whilst we were building the new website pages, we decided to change to a new SEO plugin by Rank Math. This plugin helps you really improve your backend and On-Page SEO fast. So using this plugin alongside SEO Powersuite really gives us a lot of SEO improvement power.

We use SEO Powersuite for most of these tasks to take each page score from around 47% to 95%. But Rank Math also gives a similar page ranking score and covers a lot of important and new SEO tasks.

You can see the results of their new website and SEO improvements in the images below.

Our Extra Mission

Our mission was not only to improve the look of their website but also to improve the way bookings were made. But we also wanted to help turn the leads into a conversation.

We advised on how to connect with their site visitors by using email capture. So incorporating a Popup Box ‘Call To Action’ (CTA) to collect email inquiries. 

We did this by setting up a simple booking form popup and applying it to the ‘Book Your Event’ Button on the website. The booking form is then linked to an email contact form which goes directly to their email.

The same booking form is also on a timed popup after around 3 minutes of being on their website. Search engines don’t like forced popups as soon as you visit a website, especially on a mobile phone. So limit your popups!

1. Improving Website Design & UX

We improved the overall look and feel of the website to make it easier for people to browse food menus and also book quickly. All on one home page layout.

2. Improving Booking System

The main aim for Scratch Cooking Caterers was to make it as simple as possible for their customers to book very easily. This has to be done by email confirmation. So the simple booking system form was setup as a popup and imbedded as a Button on the top of the website. This then scrolls to the bottom of the page and the booking form pops up when you click the ‘Book Your Event’ button. SO No matter where you are on the website, you always get guided to the booking form. 

Results Recap

When we took on this project, it was a little concerning on how we would reduce the existing site links and try to keep their existing Google Page 1 positions. 

However, once we got stuck into the project, we did things in a specific order, by redirecting links with a 410 redirect and then proceeded on changing the website theme and updating the pages. With a few teething problems, we eventually updated their site and within 2 days of launching it, we had High Position 1 Page 1 Google rankings!

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