Alex Vann Design
SEO Case Study

Search Engine Optimisation For A Graphic Design Company Website.

We improved the backend SEO of the website pages on Weebly site builder and Calls To Action on the website.

Alex Vann Design

SEO Case Study

In this SEO case study, here’s how we improved SEO, increased engagement, decreased website response time, and generated more high-quality traffic.

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Alex Vann Design asked us to do an SEO case study of their website because they were not appearing in the Search Engines for their Graphic Design niche as much as they expected to with the type of keywords they were using. This was impacting on the number of site visitors.

The task was to improve their SEO because they didn’t have any prior knowledge on how to improve this using the Weebly website builder. They attempted the basics that most people think are sufficient for SEO but failed to get the desired results.  

However, often there are more simple and detailed SEO tasks that you can carry out on the back-end; or On-Page SEO tricks that will improve the overall performance of a website very quickly, once you understand how to perform these simple On-Page SEO tricks within your websites CMS.

This is what we had to do for this website, purely because Weebly site builder doesn’t have the SEO Power of a WordPress Plugin like Yoast or Rank Math to perform more advanced SEO tasks.

How we audited their website

We began this SEO case study by analysing their website using SEO Powersuite for a full in-depth look at what was going on with the overall site structure and individual On-Page Content and Metadata.

Using SEO Powersuite allows us to get data that most SEO tools and other software don’t give you. It also allows us to make technical On-Page SEO changes to each page to improve overall Page SEO scores, before putting the updated changes live. The average page score is around 47%, so our aim was to increase this to 75% and above.

How we improved their SEO results.

Once we had performed these in-depth SEO Audits, we began to improve each page of the website that we could as much as possible.

We did this by using a selective choice of keywords that represented what each page of the website was about. However, the layout of the current website pages didn’t allow for much SEO work.

So we began to layout the page content in a different way, adding in Heading Meta Titles, and other On-Page SEO Optimsation tricks in the Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, etc to help the page rank higher quickly. (Most of this data wasn’t optimised correctly) We optimised each required page content to contain no more than 3 to 5 keywords with a good ratio of 1 to 100 words through the pages. 

We use SEO Powersuite for most of these tasks to take each page score from around 47% to 95%. You can see the results in the images below.

Our Extra Mission

Our mission was not only to improve site traffic with SEO, but we also wanted to help turn the leads into a conversation.

We did this by advising not to just give away information like service brochures as a pdf, without collecting an email first.

We advised on how to connect with their site visitors by using email capture. So incorporating a Popup Box ‘Call To Action’ (CTA) to collect emails in exchange for their brochure.

We also redesigned the look at feel of the website for FREE! It made sense for us to do this when doing the SEO updates to make these necessary page updates to improve the site layout and On-Page SEO.

1. Improving Call's To Action (CTA)

Increasing the size of ‘Call To Action’ (CTA) Buttons on their website to direct to the correct service on offer. 

2. Improving Website Design & Layout

We tried our best to improve the site layout and structure using Weebly’s site builder. (Not the most functional site builder compared to using WordPress and Elementor Page Builder and the Powerful Marketing Plugins)

Results Recap

When we first took on this website project, our first thought was the challenges faced because of the lack of knowledge about how Weebly website builders work and how they get the most out of the SEO features within the site. However, after doing some research on how to get the best SEO results for Weebly, the task became much easier, along with using SEO Powersuite hand in hand to create the best SEO results we could for this website.

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